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The conservative path out of exile is paved with technology.

Posted by Max Barron on December 26, 2008

  As most of you that have been paying attention know, the talking heads in the media (and even some in the blogosphere) have been trying to advise the Republican party on how to return from exile.  One of the most prevalent themes seems to be that of “updating” our “message”.  Not so much the Republican message, but the Conservative message.  They’re saying that our ideals are out-dated and out of touch with reality.  They say that small government is but a thing of the past.  It is simply no longer feasible.  They have been all too quick to suggest a major overhaul of the movement.  Essentially, they have suggested that we cut off the “religious right”, start thinking “big government”, and forget about abortion.  Seems to me that that would make us Democrats.

  There are those within our own party suggesting much of the same.  To them I say this – we just ran your candidate… and lost horribly.  There are also those among us that think that the solution is “RINO” hunting.  While I do not entirely disagree with weeding out the Dem. Lites in the Congress… it isn’t the path out of the woods.

  When it comes to messaging the primary difference between liberals and conservatives is this: Liberals’ message always changes with the times as it relies on crises to carry weight, whereas; the conservative message never changes and never ages.  The only thing that changes with the conservative message is the mode of delivery.  This, my friends, is where we failed.  We have not carried our message to the people.  We fell behind the times with technology and the school systems.  This is what has to change.  If we change our methods of delivery we will again succeed.  We need to embrace the newer technologies and forms of communication.  We need to utilize the social networking sites.  We need to get our message out in the only medium where we can reach the younger generations unfettered and unfiltered – the Internet.  If we succeed at this, we will again be given the opportunity to prove ourselves by the voters.  Prove ourselves we will.  Because the conservative way has been proven effective time and time again.  It works.  You see, the message of small government, personal responsibility, independence, opportunity, strong national security, and the free market is ALWAYS relevant.  It is always going to remain relevant.  The ideals behind the conservative movement are as solid as the bedrock that this nation rests on.  In fact those ideals ARE the bedrock that this nation was built upon.

  I, do not, for one moment believe that more government will ever be the best solution.  Over-regulation of a free market is fool-hardy and self-defeating.  It also brings us the economic troubles that we face today.  Individualism will always progress a society further than group-think.  Group-think mentality leads to politically correctness, death of entrepreneurialism, and creates sheep.  Sheep are direction-less w/o their shepherd… and who really wants Capitol Hill leading us out of the mountains?  Personal responsibility means that your life is yours to make of it what you will.  Success is there for the making, but so is failure. YOUR choices will decide which happens.  It means that you are responsible for yourself and too yourself.  Independence means that you don’t need a nanny micro-managing your life.  You make your own choices and carve your own path to your success or detriment.  Opportunity is the ONLY thing that we are guaranteed in this country.  Equal opportunity.  This doesn’t mean you get a hand out.  It means that you have the chance to succeed or fail.  You can turn failure into success and vice versa.  All that you have to do is take the opportunity.  Our national security is key to survival.  Without that security our economy and freedoms mean nothing… because we won’t have them for long.  Anyone who thinks that kind words will keep our enemies at bay needs to have their head examined.  It is naive to think that those that hate us will love us if we just use the right words.  Typically if you have all of these things: independence, free market, national security, personal responsibility, then you have a smaller government.  Why is that?  Because inevitably as you let the government grow… you loose those things!  The smaller the government – the less intrusive the government is.  This breeds more opportunity, a stronger economy, better standard of living, and greater freedoms with more independence.

  I think that most people in this country feel the same way.. We just haven’t had a messenger connect to them yet.  We haven’t had any great examples.  We have instead had what the media keeps telling us we need more of: Dem Lites.  Here’s the rub – those talking heads in the media ARE dems.  Of course they want us to go Dem Lite.  If you were a rabbit you wouldn’t seek the advice of the fox when it comes to prime hiding spots, would you?  Then why should conservatives heed the advice of the liberal punditry?

  Instead I suggest that the movement and leadership heed the advice of a young conservative.  Invest in technology like the .com bubble never burst.  Gather up the Beta-Males / Females and organise them… let them run wild on the Internet for you, spreading a consolidated and harmonious message.  This is the age of the geek.  Embrace it or fail to do so at your own peril.

  Hey, that’s just my opinion.  I could be wrong, but I doubt it.


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