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Another One Bites The Dust…

Posted by Max Barron on May 26, 2009

Another one bites the dust.  If Queen had been watching Maryland’s economic high rollers over the last year that is precisely what they would be singing.  Maryland, who in 2008 had roughly 3,000 millionaire tax filings.  Now?  Closer to 2,000.  This is no phenomenon.  Maryland is joining the ranks of other tax fleecing states that soak the rich such as California, New Jersey, and New York. 

Trading Places

Trading Places

The tax and spend redistributionists will point their crooked fingers at the recession, which may share some blame, but their missing the mark.  Each of those states (and I am certain that there are more – I just don’t have numbers on them yet) have soak the rich tax codes and redistributionist policies.  Coincidence?  I think not. 

The successful and wealthy are simply tired of carrying more than the lion’s share of state burdens, and who can blame them.  They are punished for their success and their earnings are fleeced, swiped, stolen and captured… in the interest of fairness

Is it really fair that successful people who are productive and already carry the burdens of the unsuccessful and unproductive leachers be required to pay even more?  I don’t think so, and apparently neither do they.  The productive and successful people, who provide jobs, income and tax revenues have no fear of packing their bags and moving to a less bloated and punitive state.

When the wealthy leave, the middle class is forced to take up the slack for the burgeoning population of bureaucrats and entitlement leeches.  Inevitably, the  middle class either runs out of money or runs to another state.  See New Jersey, New York and California.  All of which are on the verge of collapse.  Maryland is next, if it doesn’t straighten out its act – and by that I mean kick the statist left out of office and replace them with solid conservatives.

These events should put every state with a bloated government on notice…. You’re next! 

…and another one gone, another one gone, another one bites the dust.


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Hey Ahnuld! Time To Go T-1000 On Some Entitlements

Posted by Max Barron on May 21, 2009

arnoldpulpitOn Tuesday the people of Calee-for-nya delivered a decisive blow against the Governator’s plans to hike even more taxes to pay for the ever-growing state debt.  Debt that has been run up through decades of political abuse, entitlements, illegal aliens and above all liberal union back-scratching. 

Long ago when Arnold first arrived on the scene in California… He kicked open the door Terminator style and went after the wasteful and bloated spending of state politicians.  Unfortunately, Cali is a solid deep dark-blue state.  As such, the deeply entrenched liberal left whipped out their very own T-2000 in the form of various unions and delivered lethal blow after lethal blow to the then Governator.  Union-T-2000 soundly beat down the Governator’s reforms, and reduced the would be Action-Hero turned politician, to nothing more than a common governor and politician.  Since then, Ahnuld has adopted the RINO stance as a matter of survival.  Unfortunately, in so doing he has effectively helped kill his state. 

All is not lost though!  For yours truly, in true conservative form, has a solution.  Instead of following through on the doomsday threats to cut education, emergency services and human services – which won’t fly anyway, thanks to the death grip of unions.  Let’s try something far more novel. 

For starters, the obvious tax cuts.  Income tax, sales tax and property taxes should be hacked to death.  Then move to cut funding of entitlement programs.  First up would be state funded services for illegal immigrants – they shouldn’t be receiving them to begin with.  There are enumerable programs that can and should be cut… permanently.  They can be identified by seeing what: a) redistributes wealth and b) what gives something for nothing.  Cut ’em, give those programs a death sentence by stopping, immediately, all of their funding.

Next up we’ll move on to the environmentalists.  California is a veritable corn-of-copia of environmentalist nutbag regulations… let’s dispose of those – and recapture all of that funding.  They aren’t necessary.  Especially when compared to keeping police on the streets and preventing the shut-down of fire stations across the state.

Then move on to beauracrats.  Take a look at numerous “red state” governments… see where California has an overabundance of agencies and beauracrats – then terminate them with extreme predjudice.  Also consider that once the environmental regulations are cut to resemble more reasonable states, and funding for numerous tree-hugger programs are cut, there will be entire departments within the government that can be cut. 

It’s a novel approach to balancing the budget.  Instead of under-funding the essentials.  Cut funding from the non-essential.  From entitlements to regulations and regulators all the way to Sacramento itself, there is a smorgasbord of profligate spending that can be removed completely.  Oh, and if you still want to sell state property… once those unessential and wasteful agencies have been cleared – you can sell off the buildings to productive businesses, that will no doubt return if the taxes get cut.

This plan will work, Arnold.  All you need do is upgrade your systems to T-3000, gird your loins, stiffen your spine and rack up some testicular fortitude.  You will no doubt take a political beating… but the Governator can take it.  Of course, you may also want to invest in a comfy couch at home – but then, that’s your fault for marrying a Kennedy to being with.

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