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Hey Barack, This Is What A Spine Looks Like

Posted by Max Barron on May 22, 2009

Netanyahu and Obama met last week to discuss the Israel and Hamas conflict –  I sincerely hope that big O was taking notes.  Netanyahu, a man with a steel spine and big cast iron balls, made perfectly clear that Israel will rightfully protect its sovereignty.  Obama, a noted placater and apologist, is a proponent of the implausible two-state solution – which isn’t a solution at all.  Pay attention, Barack, take photos, draw diagrams, whatever – this is what a spine looks like. 

From Wall Street Journal:

JERUSALEM — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisted Thursday that all of Jerusalem will always remain under Israeli sovereignty, taking a hard line on a key Israeli-Palestinian peace issue just hours after his forces removed an unauthorized settlement outpost in the West Bank.

The twin moves came a day after Netanyahu returned from talks in Washington, where President Barack Obama backed creation of a Palestinian state and urged an end to Jewish settlement construction in the West Bank, setting up a potential confrontation between Israel and the U.S.

Netanyahu has refused to endorse Palestinian statehood, and his uncompromising statement about Jerusalem focused attention on another issue that could cause friction between Israel and Obama’s administration.

netanyahuNot only did Benjamin refuse to capitulate, he backed up his word with deed.  See Barack, that’s what enforcing the law looks like.  He didn’t tear down a settlement outpost because “The One” demanded it… he tore it down because it was an unauthorized settlement.  Benjamin will no doubt continue to authorize some settlements – as it is Israel’s sovereign right to settle its own land.

More over, Netanyahu refused to yield to the two-state solution proposal that’s being rammed down his throat.  And rightfully so.  The two-state solution has been pushed for decades now and to no avail.  Not from lack of effort or good will on the part of Israel though.  It is Hamas that continues to reject peace – because peace and statehood are not their goals.  The demolition of Israel and the removal of Jews is.  Netanyahu knows this.  He knows from decades of experience with them.  Rightfully, Netanyahu demands that Hamas recognize Israel’s statehood before he will even begin to approach the table.  He recognizes that the fight isn’t about a “Palestinian” state.  It’s about preventing Hamas from killing innocent Israelis in the name of a “Palestinian state.” 

I hope that the Capitulator-In-Chief was paying close attention…  Perhaps if he sees what a spine and a pair looks like – he may eventually grow them himself.


2 Responses to “Hey Barack, This Is What A Spine Looks Like”

  1. frischkopf said

    Because of opinions like yours terrorism, wars in the middle east and antiamericanism exist. Netanyahou is a dangerous right-extremist.
    The US taxpayers should not pay for such a conflict.

    • Max Barron said

      Don’t be so naive. My opinion hasn’t caused terrorism at all. Especially in a region plagued by Islamic extremism for hundreds of years. Anti-American sentiment doesn’t come from my opinion either. Anti-American sentiments come from people that hate us. They hate us for a myriad of reasons, the least of which are opinions that laws should be enforced and terrorism stopped. They also don’t come from our so called “interference” in their genocides. They hated us LONG before we began preventing them mass murdering innocent people that disagree with their twisted ideals. The utopian, one-world, all people are inherently good mentality actually allows terrorism and evil to spread. The simple fact of the matter is, that not all people are inherently good. These extremists, in particular, are evil. No amount of capitulation to their demands will satiate their appetites for our collective destruction. Thinking otherwise is tantamount to suicide. Think about it, you’re trying to hug a guy that believes, fervently, that his ticket to heaven and 75 virgins is to kill you and anyone like you.

      I also never said that US taxpayers should pay for it. Though, if we can afford to quadruple debt to repay political favors and create Democrat voters, then we can certainly afford to support our long standing ally.

      Netanyahu deserves our respect and support. After all, if the Islamic extremists have their way with Israel – the U.S. will be next. Diplomacy and apology for fabricated wrongs won’t stop them. The sooner that naive individuals such as yourself realize this, shed their ridiculous utopian fantasies and trade in naivete for rational sense, the better off the world will be.

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