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No SCAAP For You!

Posted by Max Barron on May 12, 2009

soup naziWith the unveiling of the Emporer’sPresident’s 2010 budget, the states are set to get yet another kick in the anus as Super O dons his Soup Nazi hat and declares “no SCAAP for states!”.  SCAAP is the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program – A $400 million per year program that seeks to partially reimburse states for the federal governments border protection incompetence.  The program, first established in 1990, provides a bit of much needed relief to states for the jailing of illegal aliens that commit felonies, the identification of illegals and the expeditious transferring of criminal aliens for deportation.  SCAAP has been authorized for up to $950 for 2010, a much need boost in funding – as the program is decidedly under funded.  Or, at least it was.  Because as of 2010 it will no longer be funded if the President’s budget goes through unfettered. 

Among the states hurt most by the loss of funding will be California, which spends approximately $1 billion a year jailing criminal aliens.  Though they only receive roughly $162 million in SCAAP funds leaving California citizens to pay for the remaining $838 million annually.  Why should they be forced to pay for the federal government’s incompetence or political cowardice?  California, Texas, Arizona and New Mexico cannot control the U.S. border.  That is the province of the federal government.  Thus far, the federal government has been incapable or unwilling to protect the border, allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to move into those states… and leaving those states with the bill.  A multi-billion dollar per year bill, at that.  However, the budget does call for more border patrol agents and a new comprehensive approach to handling criminal illegal aliens.

 “In place of SCAAP, the administration proposes a comprehensive border enforcement strategy that supports resources for a comprehensive approach to enforcement along the nation’s borders that combines law enforcement and prosecutorial efforts to investigate arrest, detail, and prosecute illegal immigrants and other criminals.”

What this proposal entails is anyone’s guess at this point.  The budget does state that it will increase funding to Customs Enforcement and provide funding for up to 20,000 new Border Patrol agents… it still does not alleviate the burden on states for jailing criminals that the federal government failed to prevent from crossing – or those that are already here.  While the 20,000 new agents is a good start to securing the border, there are many more things to be done, and continued SCAAP funding is among them.  The states should not have to foot the bill for the federal government’s ineptitude.

Not being one to present a problem without at least attempting to give a resolution – I have taken the liberty of devising a couple of ideas to help the states handle this issue.

  1. The states get to bill the federal gov’t every month the costs of jailing and extraditing illegals. As the costs mount… Barry and the Conga line Congress will have to seal the border. After all, it is only fair that the their budgets get hosed b/c they failed to do their due diligence at the border and jacked up a state’s budget. It’s only fair. OR:
  2. Have those states bring back the chain gangs and factory work. Their schools would be painted and kept. Their state facilities maintained. Ditches, roads, drainage, sewer, etc… They could kill off half the state shovel projects budget by harnessing the manpower already present. Oh, then send the bill for the inmate upkeep to Barry O.

How would I fund either of these options?  Simple, cut out any one of the socialistic redistribution of wealth entitlements from the 2009 & 2010 budgets and that will be ample funding for something that the federal government is ACTUALLY responsible for.  For instance the $1 billion dollar trust fund for low income housing… or the $250 million giveaway to create mixed income neighborhoods, or the new war on childhood hunger, to name a few.  None of which are the province of the federal government.  Controlling the borders IS.


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