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Obligatory Specter’s Flipped Post

Posted by Max Barron on April 28, 2009

arlen-specter_subThe big news in the Beltway today is that Arlen Specter has decided to join the Democrat caucus. This isn’t really news at all.  Specter has, for all intents and purposes, always been a Democrat. Anyone that has paid any sort of attention to his voting record knows that. Specter’s reasoning couldn’t be more obvious either. Specter knows that Toomey is likely to win the GOP nomination for his PA seat in 2010. Specter’s best chance of hanging onto his seat is as a Democrat.

Many seem to be concerned about a filibuster proof Senate once Al Franken is seated. These people are assuming that it wasn’t already. Specter would never hold the line in a filibuster. He refused to even tow the party line on the Porkulus bill. Even though every poll showed that a majority of Americans were anti-Porkulus.  What makes anyone think for one second that he would uphold a filibuster?

It takes a bit of backbone and conviction to uphold a filibuster, especially when political pressure is involved. Specter has neither.  Republicans could more readily trust the Blue Dogs to help hold a filibuster than Specter, Collins or Snowe.

In the end with blood in the water in the PA GOP primary, an angry base and an angry national committee, Arlen did what anyone would expect of the mental midget – He has taken his ball and gone home.  And like the playgrounds of yesteryear, Specter’s little tantrum was but a brief disturbance as Arlen stalked away like a five year old after a severe public spanking… Tears and flubbering lips all the way back to mommy.  A spectacle reconciled almost immediately by the sight and sound of ropes skipping, balls bouncing and raucous games of “Tag.”

Essentially nothing has changed… except perhaps to correct the letter following Specter’s name.  Which will now more accurately reflect his politics.  The only thing shocking about it is how long it took.


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