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Hyphenate This!

Posted by Max Barron on April 27, 2009

american-flagThe PC liberal left has been hyphenating America for far too long now.  So long, in fact, that pretty much everyone in America does it.  Some without even realizing it.  It’s the politically correct thing to do, after all.  It is ironic though.  The entire purpose of hyphenating America was to give some form of validation to “minorities” and help create a more tolerant culture – by acknowledging their lineage.  Perhaps it helped, perhaps it didn’t.  That isn’t material at all.

What is material is: What is it doing now?  That is the million dollar question.  Ironically, it promotes racism.  It promotes division and discrimination.  Because it forces people to think of race… not only of race but also of the PC term for that race.  It is destructive to liberty and diversity – which is the exact opposite of  what was intended.

It also has a deeper impact.  It takes the pride out of our country and puts emphasis on another country.  Much like flags on a flag pole.  The highest flag, the one raised first, is given the most importance, the position of honor.  The one below simply signifies respect.  Simply showing respect for America is unacceptable.  Frankly put, if some one is American then they should be just that.

Why put any emphasis on race, religion, creed or country of origin?  It simply furthers divisiveness and undermines the core of American culture.  The beauty of American culture is being American.  Please note the lack of a hyphen.  Perhaps as a nation we have lost sight of that.  Lost sight of the ideal that being an American is not just locality, but also a state of mind.  As such a person cannot be both African and American, Chinese and American, Mexican and American, Canadian and American, etc.  A person is one or the other.  Irregardless of where an individual’s ancestors or they themselves originated, if they are American, then they are American.  So drop the hyphen and stop telling Americans that they are something else other than American.



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