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Schmidt gives GOP some… advice?

Posted by Max Barron on April 17, 2009

Steve Schmidt: Former top advisor to Presidential Candidate John McCain.

Steve Schmidt: Former top advisor to Presidential Candidate John McCain.

Steve Schmidt gave Republicans a dose of McCain-ian type advice while speaking at a convention for Log Cabin Republicans.  Just in case we haven’t had our fill of “moderation” over the last decade… Schmidt offers up two tablespoons full of the inky, foul smelling, Castor Oil – like “moderate soup”.  In essence, we should abandon principles and shift with the political winds.  We should all be more like the Democrats.  Well, Schmidty, my boy, I hate to rain on your parade but I’ll have none of that!

John McCain’s top adviser from the presidential campaign urged fellow Republicans on Friday to warm up to gay rights and warned that the GOP risks becoming the “religious party” with its opposition to same-sex marriage.

First let me start by saying that I loathe the term “gay rights.”  That is playing into the “victim” game.  Americans have the same rights across the board, as guaranteed by the Constitution. Nothing more, nothing less.  There are no special sets of rights for different groups.  Secondly, the notion that people who oppose the diluting of a traditional and religious institution (ie. marriage) are somehow members of a sectarian party is preposterous.  People of all walks, religions, sexes, races and creeds oppose “gay marriage”.  We do so, not on the grounds of party identification, but on the grounds of tradition, morals and principle.  Sorry, Steve, I simply won’t stand for same sex marriages.

He urged Republicans, in the near-term, to endorse civil unions and stop using the Bible as rationale for gay-marriage opposition

Stevie, I’m sure that you know better.  Civil unions and marriage are two completely separate and disassociated things.  Civil unions are contracts recognized by the State, wherein two people are given legal privileges.  Marriages are a religious institution that the State treats, in the eyes of the law, as a civil union.  Many conservatives, Republicans and Democrats support the notion of civil unions.  Most of us, however, do NOT support “gay marriage.”  You should also know better than to tell a Christian to stop using the Holy Bible as a life reference.  For Christians, the Bible is the basis of morality and right and wrong.  You are in essence telling Christians that they need to be embrace atheism.  Lest you forget, sir.  The Bible is quite clear on what happens to those who turn their backs on God’s word… Though I am certain that the Big Guy will accept the “we needed to win elections” excuse.

“If you put public policy issues to a religious test, you risk becoming a religious party,” he said. “And in a free country a political party cannot be viable in the long-term if it is seen as a sectarian party.”  …..understands the Republican Party probably won’t reverse its resistance to same-sex marriage anytime soon.

But he suggested that the party will be increasingly marginalized if it sustains that opposition long-term.

Here, you once again miss the mark entirely, Stevie-boy.  In a free country, kind of like the one our forefathers built — who were Christians, by the way, everyone is free to express religion and politics however they so choose.  May I also remind you that God isn’t just in the national anthem… but also on our buildings, currency, and official documents written at and long after our founding.  To say that a political party cannot be viable when it bases itself on moral certitudes is… well, foolish.  We’ve only been doing it for a couple of centuries.  Conversely, the one thing that HAS severely damaged the Republican party is following advice similar to what you are giving: “Give up your principles, we need the votes!!”  Did you learn nothing from the past eight years?

“If the party is seen as anti-gay, then that is injurious to its candidates” in Democrat-leaning and competitive states, he said.

At least this time you came right out and said it.  I’ll give you that.  Cut and dry.  “Pander, I tell you. Pander to the masses! Go ye, and act as politicians – not men.  Lean to and heave principle aside… Get those votes!”  Where are we, as a society, when we lay to rest that which guides reasonable people in favor of titillating a voting group?  What does that say for us as a party?  It leaves us lacking the moral fiber and principles that have seen our country rise to its greatness over the last two centuries.  It makes us Democrats.

“I believe Republicans should re-examine the extent that we are being defined by positions on issues that I don’t believe are among our core values,” he said, while still calling social conservatives an “indispensable part of the conservative coalition.”

The chief strategist for one of the most moderate candidates to run for president in history is telling Conservatives what our core values are.  How did your strategy work out for you, Stevie?  Conservatives know conservative values.  You, sir, by your own demonstration, are no Conservative.  Here we see a classic case of double talk. “Socially conservative values are killing us… but you social cons are indispensable.”  Our core values on federalism and the power of “We The People..” to change the laws define our position.  Much like Californians recently did, the people of every state have the right to change laws through referendum.  That is the official Conservative stance.  The courts, politicians and Fedzilla have no say.  “We The People..” do.  And I’m afraid that we’ve out voted you…

Schmidt also said Friday that Republicans need to reach out, not only to gay voters, but young voters and Hispanics.

“The rapid growth of the Hispanic-American population for instance could soon cost Republicans the entire southwest if we don’t recover our previous share of the vote,” he said.

There is no doubt that this is true, Schmidty.  You’re just dead wrong on the approach.  It may be hard for you to understand but we aren’t Democrats.  We have far more to offer than social pandering.  Instead of reducing ourselves to haggling for votes, why don’t we try something of a more novel approach.  Like, getting out OUR message, principals and policies.. and CONVINCE them that we are right.  I know that this may seem antithetical to you, Stevie, but you’re going to have to trust me here – it works.  Unlike your strategy… remember how that turned out?

In summary Steve wants us to act like Democrats and abandon our guiding principles in order to score points with a voting group, a rather small one at that (by comparison).  He, like the Democrats, seems to think that wants of the few out weigh the wants of the majority.  To summarize my response, Steve is an idiot.


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