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The Irony Of Anti-Teaparty Rhetoric

Posted by Max Barron on April 16, 2009

Oh the irony of it!

One can’t help but wonder if the Left and the naysayers get the point. For weeks leading up to the events of April 15 one could not turn on the news without hearing about the Tax Day Tea Parties planned all across the U.S. And here we are, one day after the Tea Parties and the blogosphere, MSM and media outlets are still chattering away about the Tea Parties. Many are calling them pointless. I think they missed their mark. The fact that they are still tweeting and blogging about it IS the point. Whether intended or not they are taking part in the protest by continuing to talk about it. The more it is mentioned, the more attention is drawn to the cause. Even the bad publicity is actually good. The continued mention garners attention to the movement. Which in turn prompts those who know nothing of it to start tuning in. Isn’t that the principle idea of a protest? To draw attention to a problem or cause and thereby generate fresh support and discourse? Those who think that the goal of a protest is to effect immediate change are naive. No government has changed its policies overnight due to a protest. Protesting furthers a movement by garnering attention to the cause. If the cause is righteous, as this one is, it will continue to gain support which politicians inevitably will begin to feel. To say that the Tea Parties are a blip on the radar is to confess that you have missed the point entirely.  Welcome to day 2 of the Tea Party, nay-sayers, keep stoking the fire… and welcome to the protest!

Here is the next step.  After The Tea Party.

For more Tea Party pictures and info go to

For more Tea Party pictures and info go to

April 15, 2009.  Scenes like this one in Lansing, MI were seen all around the country.  This photo and more at Michelle Malkin’s blog.


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