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I hope he fails…

Posted by Max Barron on January 22, 2009

I simply cannot understand why so many conservatives and Republicans insist on saying that we should rally behind the new President.  I, for one, have no plans of doing so.  I do not wish him success.  It is my sincerest of hopes that he fails, and fails miserably.  I do not say this because I do not wish success for our country, quiet the opposite, I do.  I want the best for our beloved country, which is why I want Barack Obama to fail.

If President Obama succeeds in doing only half of what he has stated repeatedly that he will do, our country will find itself in a free fall towards socialism.  Recent events combined with the gradual movement towards bigger and more intrusive government have placed this country precariously on the precipice of the ruination of all that our forefathers created and fought for.  Should Barack Obama manage to push forward with his economic and health care vision, our country will topple from that precipice and plummet, irreversibly, towards socialism and inevitable collapse.  It will not happen today or tomorrow, maybe not even ten years from now, but that collapse is inevitable.  History has taught us this. 

Our greatest strengths come from our independence and liberty.  As long as we are free to dictate our own future, without relying on government, we will prosper.  Barack Obama does not believe in these virtues.  His social and economic policies show that he believes quiet the opposite.  That independence and liberty are a part of the problem, and that government dependence is the answer.

These past months, filled with rhetoric and conjecture by politicians and citizenry, have frequently brought the words of Thomas Jefferson to mind.

“a wise and frugal Government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government, and this is necessary to close the circle of our felicities.”

“I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”

Both of these quotes bear relevance to the current social and political climates of our great nation, and should serve as words of caution.  Our government has been neither wise nor frugal of late.  It certainly has been wasteful, intrusive and regulatory.  President Obama has stated that he wants more regulation, more spending, and ever more interference in to our lives.  Obama has repeatedly stated that he believes that government is the answer for our problems; that government must grow, redistribute our wealth, hand out “entitlements”, and regulate our trade and business.  These are not the values that our nation was built upon, contrarily, they are the policies that our founding fathers sought to separate from.  Obama is ideologically incongruent with our founding fathers, and what I believe is still a majority of people in this nation. 

This is why I say that I do not want Barack Obama to succeed. I want him to fail, because his success is our failure.  His failure gives us a chance at success.  In closing, remember the words Gerald Ford:

“A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.”


5 Responses to “I hope he fails…”

  1. Obama is not a Socialist. He is no where near a Socialist. He would be kicked out of a Socialist party, for being too Capitalist.
    Left wing and Socialism do not mean the same thing.
    Right Wing America has been a complete nightmare for the past eight years. Give Obama a chance.

  2. stophate said

    Are you talking about Socialism like when George Bush took over the entire US education system and called it “No Child Left Behind” or when he took over the US Banking system and called it a “bailout” ?

  3. Futile,
    Redistribution of wealth is socialist. That is a large part of Obama’s plan. Nationalization of health care is also socialist. Nationalization of industry is socialist. The list goes on and on. Why should I give him a chance? No leftist gave Bush half of a chance. I do not demonized Obama, nor do I dislike him as a man. I have yet to meet him, and I will, and therefor, reserve that judgment. I do not, however, appreciate his policies or agenda. I disagree with them, and fervently believe them to be bad for my country. So no, I will not give him a chance.
    As for the assertion that “Right Wing America has been a complete nightmare” – if conservatives have been running this country for the last eight years than I’ll eat my hat. What we have had, is a principled – though not always right – President, and a decidedly liberal “do nothing – except screw things up” congress. Congress, under the watch of democrats, has brought this nation the vast majority of its troubles. Not conservatism. Conservatism brings about prosperity every time it is used.

    NCLB is not a socialist act. Not in any form. Sorry, that is just plain wrong. However, you are correct about the nationalization of banks. It is something that I have spoken out against numerous times. I think Pres. Bush made a HUGE and fundamentally bad decision. That being said – so long as the federal government relinquishes the stocks held when the money is paid back (not that I think that the gov’t will ever give those shares up) then most of the harm can be undone. This is not to say that I agree with any of the bailouts, I find them reprehensible. It is to say that it can be undone, if the gov’t holds true to its word…. I predict that it won’t.

    PS: Why is it that every time a conservative raises argument about any policy, the only thing heard back is “George Bush did_____!” ?

  4. stophate said

    regnatpopulus said:
    “PS: Why is it that every time a conservative raises argument about any policy, the only thing heard back is “George Bush did_____!” ?”

    Pretty simple, GW is the conservative nominated by the RNC and elected to the Office of President twice by conservatives. Now you want to claim he was never a conservative at all. He is the leader of the conservative movement and has defined what conservatism has digressed into. If another conservative was ever elected you could just about guarantee the same type of policies. Thats why.

    • Stophate,
      Thank you for responding.
      I never said that he was not a conservative. He is a social conservative, however, his fiscal conservatism can be questioned. He has not made all of the “right” decisions, he’s made mistakes. He is also NOT the leader of the conservative movement, nor does he define it. Conservatism is timeless, it does not need redefinition, and while the GOP has digressed into democrat lite, conservatism has not digressed at all nor can it. I honestly think that history will judge Bush favorably. He has done a whole lot of good… but he has also made mistakes, like every other President and human. Chief among them are the bailouts. I won’t criticise to fervently those decisions (when it comes to the banks) as I, frankly, don’t have a better solution. It isn’t a decision that I would wish upon any President. I disagree wholeheartedly with the nationalization of any private sector institution… However, in this case something had to be done. There is probably a better solution, I just don’t know what it is.
      The reason for my question is this: When I make issue with policy, one would think that someone would debate the merits of the policy as opposed to resorting to “Well George Bush did _____.” It seems a lot like a childish argument. “You broke my G.I. Joe!” “Yeah, well two weeks ago you ate the last cookie.” Catch my drift?

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