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Blog In Progress

Posted by Max Barron on December 25, 2008

Welcome to my soap box.  The last time that I blogged anything… they weren’t even called blogs yet.  I’m going to take a leap and try to get back into it.  So this is my work in progress.  I will probably get around to rebuilding the pages themselves and uploading them.  That may be a ways off though.  Slowly but steadily I’ll get this thing moving.  I’ll be doing my best to regularly post up something.  Life keeps me busy so I may not get it everyday. I will, however, broadcast each new posting on Twitter.  So if you are on Twitter, you can find me @  if you follow me, then you’ll always know when there is new drivel here for you to read and comment on.

If there is something that you would like my opinion on feel free to let me know what topic or question you have and I promise that I will blog about it.


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